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December 28, 2015 - Comments Off on Some Recent Works (4)

Some Recent Works (4)

Pixel Snowflakes – 24.12.15

Merry Christmas!

Color Study #2 -22.12.15

Color Study #2.

Stegosaur – 05.12.15

Pixel Stegosaur.

Swamp House – 09.11.15

Pixel Swamp House.

Fungus – 30.11.15

Glowing Magic Pixel Mushrooms.

October 02, 2015 - Comments Off on Some Recent Works (2)

Some Recent Works (2)



The theme of Pixel Dailies on Sep 25. I wasn´t sure if i should do more pixel art after i produced already 2 pieces of this kind, not only because this isn´t exactly my metier. But i introduced this daily-work-routine-thingy mainly just for fun and for some reason it´s quite addictive, especially because this time there were restrictions: 48×48 pixel max and just 6 colors.

Walking Home

Walking Home

Walking in the “wilderness” in the early Sunday morning hours. Inverted Pencil-Drawing.

Black Widow Tetras

Black Widow Tetra

Live Drawing of the Tetras. Despite being the most most motionless fish species in the tank, it wasn´t quite easy to graphically capture them.

Autumn Leaves Pattern

Autumn Leaves

Like the name says, a pattern from leaves.







Pixel Daily.